The Symbolism of Sports Jerseys

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Can anyone forget the image of Brandi Chastain celebrating the U.S. soccer team's win over China in the 1999 Women's World Cup by stripping off her sports jersey and dropping to her knees in her very demure athletic bra? The photograph of that jersey flying was displayed internationally and is a perfect depiction of what sports jerseys have come to signify - talismans of the athletic achievement to inspire elation; engage interest; tap emotions; and even to heal.

Many of these famous sports figures have started charities of their own to convert their fame into help for children and others who are ill. Lance Armstrong, famous cyclist, has his own charity for children with cancer. When the baseball Red Sox were in the World Series, nurses at a nearby children's hospital wore baseball jerseys backing the team and Red Sox players visited entire wards of children to bring some amusement, energy and, yes, jerseys to their lives. Wholesale jerseys suppliers have done their part to give to such charities as well.

Anecdotes are plentiful about the compassion of sports heroes who have given their own jerseys to individual fans, often children who have experienced illness. Dwayne Wade of the Miami Heat and a first-place Olympic winner surpassed his own single- game scoring record ... and then donated the jersey he wore on that occasion to a young boy who had lost his hands and feet due to a raging infection. On a bigger scale, sports figures often donate their autographed jerseys to organizations that use them asking for donations and for visibility.

More could be said about the symbolism of jerseys and their role in sports and in the minds of the public. Wholesale jerseys or athletic footwear and jersey wholesalers make the dreams available to an huge number of loyalists who just want the jersey they don to capture the power of sports to motivate.

Jersey wholesalers have made jerseys readily available to everyone, from sports figures to kids' informal pick-up groups. But wholesale jerseys have also become a way for fans to satisfy their wish to be allied to well-known athletes and memorable moments in athletic history.

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The Symbolism of Sports Jerseys

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This article was published on 2011/03/29